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The last weekend before the summer ends will be a weekends that I remember always. Not only for the dirty or sexy things that were done. It was because I was able to feel your breathe hit my chest as we slept. I walked around my house to find you looking so comfy. It was because I felt so loved that I needed to take care of you and have you feel loved and that’s how I know that when we move in together and start our own lives that I’ll never ever let you go. With every scary moment I put you through with every moment I kissed you with love and especially the moments we looked into each other’s eyes and I felt like things would never be better without you. I enjoy your friends hanging out with us I enjoy taking care of them and you feeling like your “trophy husband”. I will always love you and give you everything you desire. My love you make me the happiest man alive and you are the best person I’ve ever had the honor to be near. Not only do you love me but you look out for me show me that love is real and good people exists I’m rambling but I love you so so so much I just thank you for everything and by just letting me be with you. I love you. 😊😍😘😜😁

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